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My first paper

November 6, 2013

is up over at Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media & Technology. Have a look if you’re interested in the intersection of birth narratives and SF tech in Lois McMaster Bujold’s SF work.

(Nothing at all to do with my thesis but, well, it was a good exercise nonetheless).

Being open source, the journal is free for anyone to access so head over and read. I particularly like the Jilly Dreadful piece (content warning for discussions of abuse) and Marlene Barr’s.

The process was incredibly supportive, as an ECR – Alexis was approachable, and the deadlines were manageable (even last minute copy-edits but that might be a function of time zones as well). I submitted, anxiously, because I figured that even if it weren’t good enough Ada have a beta reader/pre-Review program and it didn’t make sense to write and research then thing then not submit out of fear. From there it went through review, with comments and corrections and queries flying around the place – this is the bit I think people fear, but it was a really excellent experience for me. I don’t know if it is down to those reviewing and commenting, but it was a very positive experience. Active learning, as they say. From there another review, with more comments and so on, and then copy edits, then more copy edits because transitioning from UK/AU to US English is not simply a matter for spellcheck, same for switching citation methods using Word’s internal referencing system. This last bit was something of a flurry of back and forths, including saving a copy to a physical location at uni then going home, sending the wrong version at one point, and so on.

(Hint: always get page numbers even if you think the citation system doesn’t require them. That was a few afternoons spent tracking page numbers down, and chapters in ebooks, because I didn’t copy that over from the physical notes to my digital ones and lost the physical notes somewhere in my filing ‘system’ and a bunch of my references were not available online.)

(No, I haven’t streamlined or finalised my notetaking processes, is that obvious?)

And now it’s out! The traditional metaphor is something about birth, but I’ve always been uncomfortable with that, even moreso now, so I’ll avoid it. Instead, the paper has been released to the wilds of the internet.


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